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A Father’s Heart

by Stormy Fisher, BSW

“He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children…”  Luke 1:17 NLT

Thanks to you and other supporters just like you, young mothers are breaking out of  poverty. These young women are growing daily, thanks to your generosity.

When clients arrive, it is usually a familiar story – a young woman, seeking acceptance, value and love, believed the lie that sex and love are the same thing…

Now she is pregnant and unsure of her future.

She didn’t want this. She wanted a loving home with a man who would be there, forever.

Yet, here she is – a new life growing inside her.

A gift from the Lord – which doesn’t feel like much of a gift, right now.

Many of the young fathers, though, claim to love her and their child. These men WANT to be a part of a family, build a future for themselves, these mothers and their babies. They just have no idea how. No role models, no support. So they run. They give up. They leave before they can fail.

The Lord loves these young men too. They are important to His design for family – to the young mothers carrying their children, to those babies not yet born. Already, they need the caring, supportive, protective presence of their father.

A young man’s love is imperfect. He has trouble keeping his promises. First, he promises to be with her, then he is leaving, then he is with her, then he is unsure. He usually comes from a very dysfunctional family and learned this noncommittal lifestyle from his parents.

His behavior frustrates her, causes her to waver in her new resolve. She desires something better. But, she also craves love and family.

He wants the same things she does: acceptance, worth, and a loving family. But he will repeat this abandonment cycle unless something – or Someone –  changes him.

Imagine if we were to teach and mentor young men like him, turning their hearts toward family.

We are praying about how we can help these young men, also.

We need godly men to step up and mentor them and model what a healthy father and husband looks like. We need men willing to speak up and encourage healthy leadership, fatherhood, and godly living.

Please pray for God’s guidance to help these young men also find the healing and grace they desperately long for.

Will you petition God to break through their heart-barriers and turn  young fathers to their children?

Share this if you agree that the Father loves young fathers as much as He loves young moms.

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