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Why A Small Business?

One of the most challenging issues for our girls is getting them into adequate employment. Roughly 70% of clients arrive with no GED or high school diploma. They frequently have little or no job experience and do not qualify for a job that can pay a living wage.

The types of jobs available to our clients are typically fast food, gas stations, or dollar stores. Low wage, low skills, and low opportunity for advancement.

The Purpose of Healing Springs Gifts

We equip each client-employee to achieve a level of Assistant Manager in any entry-level position with

Job-shadowing in a variety of departments
Mentoring and one-on-one support
Intensive job-readiness curriculum
Daily prayer and devotion

From there, she can persevere and move up the ladder to Store Manager and District Manager, and Regional Manager. She may even, one day, own her own franchise! While she pursues her GED, she can be working and caring for her children in a way that is financially sustainable

Buy a Gift, Save a Life

By purchasing our products (body butter, soap, lotion, and more), you are directly teaching a young mom important job skills like time management, budgeting, customer service, product fulfillment and shipping, basic accounting, inventory management, and so much more!
She is also learning to take pride in her work. When she sees people are interested in her products – when they are bought and shipped – it builds a sense of accomplishment and self-worth that is unbelievable.